AMWA Designs

Bring New Meaning To Your Personal Living Space

Kete Pa Suede Throw, Beige + Bronze,  Hand Printed

Kete Pa Suede Throw, Beige + Bronze, Hand Printed

Established in 2014, AMWA Designs goes beyond design for its own sake. AMWA Designs creates homeware and interiors textiles and print designs for commercial and domestic spaces. It is built on the principle that our surrounding spaces should be enveloped with beautiful furnishings that evoke powerful and positive thoughts within us.

The brand is a concept of love by Chrissa Amuah, a textile design MA graduate of distinction from the world-renowned Chelsea College of Art & Design, University of the Arts London. Although born and raised in London, her heritage stems from Ghana. She has always described living with a sense of duality. So it is only natural that AMWA Designs illustrates a beautiful assimilation of concepts and culture.

AMWA Designs speaks to a contemporary generation. Each piece and design beautifully combines elements of colour, pattern, texture and geometry. Adinkra symbols and proverbs of Ghana are the inspiration. The symbols serve a decorative function, but also convey traditional wisdoms and adages. The meanings of Adinkra are timeless and transcend all cultures. AMWA Designs sees them as motivation for 21st century living.

 AMWA Designs invites you to bring new meaning to your personal living space.

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